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 Rules of the site

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Rules of the site Empty
PostSubject: Rules of the site   Rules of the site EmptySat Jun 07, 2008 6:51 am

This is the rules of Sara and Savanna's Random froum, violation against these will be punished with a ban from the site. How long, depends on how bad you broke the rules. If you repeatedly behave badly you will be permanently banned.

* Only one account per user
* No cursing/language/***talk. this is a childrens forum, we don't need that stuff here.
* No spam, there is no point in it.
* No Randomness [exept for in the Randomness forum]
* No bullying, namecalling, bashing, have a problem with someone, tell a mod.
* No advertising for other sites.
* No gather up raiding other sites. We want nothing to do with illiegal activities.
* In The make belive land, do not create to ***ual or violent RPG's, again, kids site
* No bashing in celeb/fan/club forums, you dislike any of them, take it in the lounge.
* No cyberdating. Take your hormones elsewhere.
* No posing, lies about things and such.
* Do not give out personal information, as email addersses, phone numbers, adresses, schools etc, this for your own security, we don't want anyone getting hurt.
* No bashing someone for not having the same belifes. This is not a one-religion site. All beliefs and lifestyles are welcomed.
* This is a kids site, young kids have problems with spelling and grammar, if you have troubles with it, leave. Chatspeak is also wlecome.
* No posing as staff member, we have LISTS of the actual staff members.
* No using of eachothers accounts, do not give out passwds. Your accounts are your responsibility, if someone missbehaves on it YOU will take the fall. Even if that is cause you left your passwd open in school, or have a mean sister or brother. Sign out and do not save the passwd for automated log in. This is YOUR responsibility.
* No begging of becoming an Officer, we choose only on how you behave and from how good you behave. If you beg, you have a less and less chance of becoming one.
* No chainletters. They are not true and have virtually no point to them.
* No IM's, personal info, Email, or other websites etc are allowed to be posted on this site. This for your own saftey, we can not stress that enough.

Super Splashy Admin Reporting!

Other Super Admins

miss sallystar

My Officer In Training--
Pak Skellington

Got a problem? I shall OTTERBAM it away ;D
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Rules of the site
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